Website Launch

Website launch

The time has finally come and we launched new website. You will find here all the latest information about worldwide community. We will share with you interesting reports, interviews with people, stories, journeys and events from all over the world.

The first official reference about Born To Trick was on 18th November 2013 when Facebook fanpage was created. Born to Trick is a community of people who live to move and love adventure. Born to Trick supports street disciplines as parkour, freerunning, street workout, calisthenics, breakin (breakdance) etc.

Born to Trick Clothing

FASHION – photography by Kristína Spačková

Born To Trick has sponsored athletes and teams, who are supported and sponsored by brand. Brand is producing clothing especially suitable for movement. If you would like to see more of the fashion, please visit the Online Shop. The clothing is designed by people who represent a specific discipline and athletes that the clothing is designed for. These clothes are designed to be comfortable but also stylish.

street workout freestyle

Martin Viedenský – photography by Kristina Spačková

Breakcance Freeze

Jan Minárik – photography by Kristína Spačková

Browse website, look for your lifestyle, follow social networks or check out sponsored athletes and teams, who we are supporting on their paths. Stay tuned for more to come! Peace and love!


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