Street Workout & Calisthenics?

SW DipsOne of the most growing trends worldwide is underground movement. The basics of street workout are coming from calisthenics.

This is suggestive of a workout that happens only with one’s own bodyweight. Calisthenis comes from latin: “callos” – beauty, “sthénos” – strength. Calisthenics is the oldest workout method. It was used by the spartans and legendary warriors for their better fitness and increasing their strength. The history is telling us that the warriors, which were hard training calisthenics, had superhuman strength, perfect bodies and great fitness. Today even the “big guys” of the industry are only dreaming about these abilities.

The basic of calisthenics are still used today in gymnastic, Special Forces, army and many more sports.

Girl Street WorkoutToday’s “Street Workout” was presented by the Americans from the area of New York City. Due to the expensive and stereotypical fitness centers, people from poor districts started to workout outdoors such as in parks on benches, on basketball playgrounds or playground for kids. They used everything the environment was offering them. With time people found that with calisthenics they can create a great functional body. The “Mecca” of street workout is considered to be in neighborhoods like Brooklyn, Bronx, and Harlem where the first workout and freestyle videos came from. Just a few people believed in working out on different bars, where they skilled their bodies with incredible muscles and strength.

Over time Street Workout expanded all over the world. More and more messages began to appear all over the internet that calisthenics helped people to lose weight and to changed their lives.

Each year, month, week calisthenics/street workout get more and more enthusiasts and fans. Today people are hosting different competitions, meetings, performances and workshops. The best on calisthenics/street workout is that absolutelyeveryone can do it! Everyone who has a strong will and a little patience. The results will come by themselves.

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SW staticStreet Workout Push-ups

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