Tricking gathering Slovakia – KETG

KETG – Kosice tricking gathering was held in March 16-18.

We traveled to beautiful city Kosice located in eastern Slovakia. Trickers from the country and surrounding states met here to train, battle, and to gain experiences. The event was organized by guys from Slovak Tricking – Eduard Mochnáč, Matúš Dzuro, Zoltán´Zolo´Sidó and Miro Kuruc.

Slovak tricking kosice gathering

KETG – Kosice tricking gathering.

Event started on Friday with welcome session. Main organizer Eduard Mochnáč welcomed everyone and introduced special guests. JJ-Battel and Jordan Fung a skillfull trickers from England.

JJ Battel tricking gathering

Special guest JJ Battel on photo.

At the beginning of the session people warmed up together and then we started to train. Everyone who came to this event had a chance to get a helpful tips or advice from guests.

Tricking workshop

Tricking session.

KETG tricking battle – Slovak tricking

The next day begun with watching the movie BIG – tricking documentary. After that the guys from Slovak Tricking organised battle for participants of this event.

Prices for winners

Prices for winners of the tricking battle.

The jury was compiled by JJ-Battel, Jordan Fung and Marek Hartman. (Marek won enter to KETG and also opportunity to be jury on the last battle at New Castle Jam – parkour and freerunning session)

Judges of tricking battle.

Judges of tricking battle

Battle was great. We could see very nice tricks and combos!

  • 1st place won Ivan Kočan from Slovakia, nowadays he lives in England
  • 2nd place went to our neighbour from Hungary to Geri Tóth
  • 3rd place took Filip Titka, student of Eduard Mochnáč from Slovak Tricking
Winners of tricking battle.

Winners of KETG tricking battle, from right side: Filip Titka, Ivan Kocan, Geri Toth

We could also see battles for the BEST TRICK price. Organizers were making a decision between JJ-Battel anf Jordan Fung. The price went to Jordan.

Jordan Fung best trick

Jordan Fung winner of BEST TRICK.

Congratulation to the winners and all participants who had a courage to show their skills!

KETG tricking battle participants

KETG battle

There was great atmosphere and battles were friendly. Session continued till 9 pm. Then we met in Kosice´s beer house for a little team building.

KETG good atmosphere

Good and friendly atmosphere on KETG.

The last day

The third day we met at bye bye session. It was great event with very nice and friendly people around.

KETG - Kosice tricking gathering

People of KETG.

Many thanks for hospitality to Slovak Tricking and Eduard Mochnáč. Hope to see you soon guys. Keep doing such a great events!

Special guest Jordan Fung

Jordan Fung Tricking

VIDEO with interviewed JJ-Battel, Jordan Fung and Eduard Mochnáč (organizer) COMING SOON.. Stay tuned on BORN TO TRICK facebook for latest news and feeds! Check out some more pictures on Slovak Tricking facebook page.


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