Simona Saghyova

Simona Saghyova

Simona Saghyova

(Simona Šághyová)
Born: 1997
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Lifestyle: Street Workout, Calisthenics
Nationality: Slovak Republic
Location: Bratislava – Slovak Republic


Simona Saghyova ‘s Story: 

I’ve liked sport since my childhood, but I was never really active. When I was a kid I had some competitions with my brothers in push-ups and running. I was also playing football at the age of 12, but it was not the right sport for me. In 2013, I found street workout & calisthenics. Motivated and inspired by this discipline I started to practice more and more. My free time was about practicing on bars. For a long time I was looking for a training which would push my limits forward. Sometimes it was to hard for me and I was thinking about giving up. But with time, I learned the comfortable method called sets and reps. I prefer this method most. While my street workout life I met many people like the Workout Fanatics team which showed me the method sets and reps. My big inspiration are people like Zef Zakaveli, Vadim Oleynik and Vitalij Gumennij.

The most beautiful thing on this discipline for me is the creativity, moving on fresh air, meeting new people and most of all the limitless variations that street workout is offering you. I mean the important things in this discipline is to have the right inspiration, motivation to get better and to meet the right people, which is my team for me now. Since 2014 I am a member of the team Street Workout Skalica. I am looking forward and I would like to improve my knowledge in nutrition and body trainings. I would like to motivate more girls to do street workout that’s why I would like to visit more events all over the world.

Simona Saghyova ‘s Achievements:

Participation on Street Workout World Championship Women 2014
Top 15 Street Workout National Cup Slovakia 2014 (Mixed Men+Women)
2nd Place Barz Warz 2014 (Freestyle)


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