10 PARKOUR SHOES – In review

Today I would like to show you what all kind of shoes I had in my 16 years of parkour and freerunning career. I jumped in all kind of shoes. These are some shoes I can remember. I will tell you something about them. At the very bottom of this article I’ll tell you what to watch out for when you buy parkour shoes.

MY FIRST Parkour Shoes

I remember as it was yesterday. When I was buying my first “parkour shoes” I do not really remember the brand but I know it had a higher heel for absorbing impact from big jumps. So I thought at the beginning. Yes maybe it was absorbing the impact by dropping big heights but it was limiting my full range of movement of my ankle. That means I killed the whole potential of my take offs.

FIVE Ten Shoes

First contact with a parkour shoes. So they told me it is a parkour shoe. Five ten wanted to make parkour shoes. At the time five ten was a partner at the red bull art of motion 2010. They gave me this shoes to try them out. It was really a long time ago so I will try to tell you what I recognized. They were good quality. I had them for many years and they did not torn anywhere. The sole was from rubber. That means it was not slippery at all. Not even on bars. On concrete they stuck so well that sometimes I had the filling to twist my ankle when landing from spinning moves. But at the expanse of the quality they were hard and to tight on the sides. I prefer more space on sides that means wide shoes.  Got them sponsored I don’t know the price. 

five ten shoes
Five ten

Kalenji Ekiden 50

This were one of the lightest shoes I’ve ever had! Light as feather. I felt like I have nothing on my feet. They fitted perfectly. Designed for running and therefor it is the kind of shoe which is wide on sides. That is what I love and prefer. Sole was good as well. But not that good as the sole from Five ten shoes. The weak point was the quality. They torn a part really quickly and lasted maybe half year. Costs 10€.

Kalenji Ekiden 50
Kalenji Ekiden 50

Kalenji Ekiden One

These shoes belong to one of the lightest shoes as well. They fitted my foot well. They had also enough space on sides. The sole was really bad. On bars it was pretty slippery. Costs 10€. I liked the previous version Kalenji Ekiden 50 more because of the sole.

Kalenji Ekiden One

KO gen2

Know Obstacles generation 2. This is the first shoe I bought designed for pakour and freerunning. It was also world wide known brand between parkour athletes. The shoe had the design of a running shoe. That is why I liked it it was comfortable and light. Nice design. But the weak point of this shoe was the quality. It torn apart only after one month of using it. This is the shortest time of all shoes I had till now. The price was to high for such bad quality. I got them for 60€.

KO Shoe gen 2
KO shoes gen 2


Maybe I should not compare this shoes with other cause they were not design for sports and they had more negative thing than positive. Anyway I jumped in them because they had one of the best soles. But that is everything. The shoes were to hard and made pretty fast a callus on my heals. And they were narrow, not enough space on sides. I don’t know the price because I got them sponsored.

Botas shoes


Nike running shoe. I have no idea what the model was because I already thrown them away and I also could not find them online anymore. This shoes last for a long time because of the good quality. I really liked the color combination grey and yellow sole. The sole was made out of rubber and stuck well with bars. These kind of running shoes I really prefer  because of the design how they fit your feet. Enough freedom. The price was something around 60€

Nike running shoe
Nike running shoes


I could not find the name of them. Not even on the shoe. I was pretty satisfied with this shoes. Good quality and they did last for a long time. Therefor I still have them home but already with some torn parts as you can see on the picture bellow. Some classic issues. The sole is made out of rubber. I would say they are middle weight category.  And the most important thing for me they are wide and have enough space for toes. I got them for 40€.

Fila running shoes
Used Fila running shoe


This is I think even more lighter then the first kalenji I had. Total freedom when you put them on. The sole is soft but not really sticking with bars. And they are made out of soft materials so they tore fast. Especially on the front side above the toe. Classic problem. But only for running I think they should do it. The model number is Skechers 54601 BBK. The real price was something around 45€. But I managed it to get a lower price for 35€. 

Skechers 54601 BBK
Skechers 54601 BBK

REEBOK ROYAL cl jogger 2

This shoe I found randomly in sale. I checked them out on spot and they seemed to be fine. So I took them. I thought it will take a little bit time to fit and become comfortable, but it was not the case. Even they are not wide enough I felt well in my first jumps. The sole is rubber and stick great on bars. They are not the lightest shoes I’ve had but the weight is ok. Somewhere in the middle. It seemed like the perfect parkour shoe! Now it is 4 moths that I’m jumping in them. I recognized one thing that goes not that well for me jumping in this shoes. The whole shoe floats a little bit. By wearing and jumping in the shoe the fabric stretches on sides and overflows the edges of the sole. So what? Why is that not good? Because some of the energy which comes from legs and goes trough the shoe to the floor disappears sideways and goes to waste. Instead of bouncing back upwards trough the leg again. Check my drawing down bellow for better imagination. I got the shoe for 35€. It was in sale from 50€ to 35€.

Reebok Royal Cl Jogger 2
Reebok Royal Cl Jogger 2
parkour shoes physics
Energy going to waste because of shoe floating/stability

How to choose the right pakour shoe?


Material and quality depends really on what fabric was used if it is a fine fabric or solid fabric. In this case shoe makers, brands who have been for a longer time on market are better quality because they already know these so called problems. But even they face this new parkour issues. We as parkour athletes are the toughest shoe testers. My experiences are the better quality the heavier a shoe is.


When it comes to shoe sole in our case the best option is rubber. Rubber soles are heavier then plastic or foam soles. Plastic and foam soles are slippery. However I prefer rubber even if it is heavier. For better landings on metal.


Weight depends on material that was used. The fabric and the sole. As I already mentioned rubber sole is heavier then plastic or foam sole. When it comes to fabrics solid materials are heavier then fine materials. 


Since birth our foot grows into shoes. Normally the foot would have a little bit different shape. It would be wider. Many people choose design before health. Even I was doing so. But not anymore. This thing is really individual. I prefer wider shoes so my foot has enough space. Other people prefer narrow shoes so they have this “tight” feeling of a stable foot.


When it comes to price. It is clear that you will pay more for a good shoe. But watch out because there are shoes which have a high price but they do not have the endurance. Sometimes there are sales where you get can get  good quality shoes for a low price. Therefor I randomly visit some shoe stores to look for sales.

I hope you enjoyed this reading and it was helpful by looking for your next parkour shoes! Check out some other articles and stay tuned for more content. Follow us on social media like instagram, facebook and youtube.

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