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You don’t know what to do in this quarantine time? Be inspired by our PARKOUR MOVIES tips. Movies that include parkour.

parkour movies
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Who else could it be like the legendary Jackie Chan, the acrobat – fighter – actor – artist and his movement talent, which he represents in every movie he appears. Look for movies with his name, and watch the beauty of all-round movement and of course great parkour!

Jackie Chan Movies


Would you like to see how the real parkour looks like?! Parkour classics we grew up on! Nothing more to say. This is what we recommend to the younger parkour athletes and freerunner generation. So they can see how real parkour looks like in the streets of the city.

YAMAKASI – modern samurai (2001) – a movie that really all “old school” parkour athletes grew up on

Yamakasi Parkour Film

JUMP LONDON (2003) – a documentary about parkour and freerunning broadcasted on British television for the first time on Channel 4, and later they broadcasted second part called Jump Britain, featuring the well-known parkour and freerunning athlete Sebastian Foucan.

•  DISTRICT 13 (2004), DISTRICT 13: Ultimatum (2013) – one of the main role plays David Belle, who is considered by many to be the founder of parkour.

Okrsok 13 Parkour filmy

• FREERUNNER (2011) – the movie features well-known athletes Ryan Doyle and Luci Romberg. The main character (Ryan) wakes up with a bomb attached to his neck. To save himself, he has to take part in a reality show where he has to run a with a bomb across the city. He is struggling with time to survive.

• ASSASSIN´S CREED MOVIE (2016) – there is no need to introduce this movie to any parkour enthusiast! 😉 A cinematic version of the world-famous video game series where you play as asassassin in the dark times of the Templars.

Assassins Creed Movie

#3  MOVIE STARS in parkour movies

• BRICK MANSIONS (2014) – alongside the great actor Paul Walker (Fast and Furious) one of the main roles plays again the founder of parkour himself – David Belle. The story line is kind of “remake” of the original movie “District 13” from 2004.

Parkour movie

TRACERS (2015) – a movie with Taylor Launter, who played the character Jacob in the famous Twilight trilogy. Taylor has trained parkour for several months for this role!

6 UNDEGROUND (2019) – with the Canadian star, actor Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) featuring guys from one of the most famous nowadays parkour teams, Storror from England.


PRINCE OF PERSIA – the sands of time (2010) – action, adventure movie set in the story of mysterious Persia. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and at his side with another great actor Ben Kingsley.

Prince of Persia movie with parkour

• ALADIN (2019) – Disney movie with legendary Will Smith in the role of a Jinn. You will find here many parkour moves as Aladin escapes from the Indian Guards.

Parkour vo filme Aladin


• DEADPOOL (2016) – again great actor Ryan Reynolds in the role of a superhero whose sarcastic humor you will love! As is already the case of Marvel movies, there is many action scenes and explosions. Recommended by us!

• SPIDERMAN (2002-2019) – We have to mention this legendary comic character Peter Parker aka Spiderman! Nothing more to say about this. It doesn’t matter which movie you will watch. One is clear children and adults love Spiderman!

Parkour filmy
Spiderman: Far from home, behind the scene, parkour films

This were some parkour movie suggestions. You can find a lot of parkour in other action movies by Marvel Studios or DC Comics.

Did we inspire you? Let’s make your popcorn, and the home movie night can start! Tell us your parkour movie tips down bellow in the comments! 🙂

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