What is Parkour & Freerunning?


parkour human flagParkour is a run from point A to point B through the urban environment in the most efficient way. The run/flow to overcome urban obstacles like gates, stairs, roofs, buildings, bridges, walls and even forests, too. Places where people practice parkour are called the “spots”, which you cross with different techniques like vaults, jumps, rolls (Pk roll), handstand, etc… there are many techniques used to cross an obstacle. The basic techniques came from “Méthode naturelle”, the method from Georges Hébert for psychical and mental education in connection with nature. Parkour was mentioned in the 1980’s by David Belle. An athlete which practices parkour is called “Traceur”. Traceur was the first parkour team in France, later people started to use it as a term for an athlete practicing Parkour. It isn’t a rivalry sport, but it’s more about pushing your own limits. Parkour can be practiced alone or with others. If you are new to this discipline we recommend you to find someone near your location, who can help you start with the basics. These are the movies where you could see parkour: Yamakasi Les samouraïs des temps modernes (2001), Jump London (2003), The Great Challenge – Les fils du vent (2004), Casino Royal – Jams Bond 007 (2006), District 13 (2004), District 13 – Ultimatum (2009), Freerunner (2011), Brick Mansions (2014) and many Jackie Chan movies.

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Parkour Stride Catleap parkour



Wall Flip FreerunFreerunning was founded 2003 by Sebastian Foucan. Sebastian was also at the birth of parkour in the 1980’s in France. Freerunning is a free movement trough environs based on parkour. You don’t cross the obstacles just physical, but also psychical. Freerunning is not just an activity or hobby. For some people it’s a lifestyle and passion. The creativity of Freerunning has no limits in movement and this is why it does not have any boundaries. You can cross the obstacle with different techniques like flips (moves very familiar to gymnastic, acro stunts). The movements are the basics of parkour, tricking, acro stunts, wushu, gymnastics… Today freerunning is on a whole another level where athletes are creating new advanced/creative moves. Movies where you could see Freerunning: Yamakasi Les samouraïs des temps modernes (2001), Jump London (2003), The Great Challenge – Les fils du vent (2004), District 13 (2004), District 13 – Ultimatum (2009), Freerunner (2011), You Got Served: Beat the World (2011), RUN (2013), Brick Mansions (2014).

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Freerun backflip

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