PARKOUR Adventure – Europe

PARKOUR Adventure – Europe

8 people, one car, 4 destinations and 10 days on roads! How we did it? Read the full article about this parkour and freerunning adventure.

PARKOUR Adventure - Europe

Born to Trick on roads.

The journey started on 4th july. Whole team gathered to fill the car and the journey could start. The first destination was Austria – Mond See.

Born to Trick Car

Filling the car

Mond See, Austria

After two rounds around the lake, we could not find any place for camping. Camps were already closed and camping in Austria on open places is strictly forbidden. So we decided to camp next to a parking place. We slept on grass under the bare sky, staring at the stars.

Parkour Adventure Born to Trick Mond see

Cooking dinner.

We put out our sleeping bags and a gas cooker. After dinner we went to sleep.

Mond see night sleeping - Born to Trick

Moring at Mond See – Austria

Night was pretty warm, so we could sleep well. We woke up with a feeling of morning dew and sun rays in our faces. Our sleeping bags were heated up and everyone got out of his bag.

Mond see Austria Born to Trick

Swimming in Mond See.

Parkour Regensburg, Germany

After the short stop at the lake we continued towards Regensburg – Germany. We would like to check out some local Parkour gym Parkour Halle Regensburg. Guys from Parkour Regensburg welcomed us well. They showed us their setups and it didn’t took much time and we all started to move.

Parkour Regensburg - PARKOUR Adventure

Parkour Halle in Regensburg, Germany. Photography by Kamil Bočinec

We stayed in Regensburg till next day then we continued to Hague – Netherlands. Accommodation was no problem. We just slept on a parking place again.

Sleeping in Regensburg  - Born to Trick

Over night in Regensburg. Photography – Juraj Makový

On the way we stopped in Frankfurt. Took a walk trough city center. We arrived in Hague at 5:00AM. Part of the crew went to sleep and the rest went to beach for sunrise.

Beach Hague Born to Trick shooting

Sunrise in Hague. Drone flying!

4TLOM – Den Hague, Netherlands

Main reason why we visited Hague was the big parkour event 4TLOM – 4 the love of movement 2017. Parkour athletes from all over the world gathered here together. Many famouse parkour personalities and teams arrived too. It was really awesome to see so many skilled people on one place.

4TLOM - Born to Trick PARKOUR Adventure - Europe

Born to Trick Athlete – Michal Marček on bars – Den Haag, Netherlands.

Hammock city 4tlom.

Hammock city at 4TLOM.

The guys from JUMP Freerun created great setups for practicing. Every one could find his place. Bars, wooden boxes, trampoline, air track and a big air bag. Weather was fine for all 3 days. So we had the opportunity to swim in North Sea.

Drone shooting 4tlom born to trick

Drone shooting, 4tlom.

Freerunning beach den haag nedherland.

Freerunning on beach, Den Haag, Netherlands.

Born to Trick 4tlom team

Born to Trick on 4tlom 2017.

Event was great we were enjoying it. After the event we set the course to Amsterdam. But before that we stopped in Scheveningen.

Beach Scheveningen

Beach Scheveningen!

Amsterdam, Netherland

We setteled down in a camp near the city center. Here we put out our tents. Next day we lend some bikes and went to the city center. Bicycle trip took us 20-30 minutes. Best option to explore the city. With bikes you can explore the smallest corners of the city. On the way we saw different neightbourhoods, buildings and even flats from containers.

Bike riders Amsterdam

Bike riders – Amsterdam

The first stop was the famous I amsterdam sign.

I am Amsterdam. Born to Trick Europa trip 2017

Tourist stop – I amsterdam

In center we visited the famous sights like: flower market, red light district, coffee shops. We had some lunch, then we explored Amsterdam’s Harbor. As the sun went down we had to return to the camp in dark. We stayed one more night at the camp.

Amsterdam city map parkour adventure Born to Trick

Looking for next Amsterdam’s destination to visit.

Harbor Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s harbor

Prague, Czech Republic

The next day we traveled from Amsterdam to Prague. We visited our old good friends in their parkour gym – In Motion Academy. We could stay there over night. That’s why we would like to thank you guys!

In Motion Academy - Born to Trick

Parkour accommodation in In Motion Academy, Prague

In Motion Prague - Born to Trick Europa trip 2017

Huge cat leap by Kamil Bočinec – In Motion, Prague

Day 2 we practiced on one of the famous Prague’s spots Metro stop – Vltavská.

Vltavska parkour spot Prague

Parkour spot Vltavska

Prague was the last Destination of our 10 days journey. What else to say. Full of experiences and adventure we returned home. We experienced different situations, emotions and different oppinions. But now enjoy the video from this awesome adventure trip! There while we look for next destination to explore.

PARKOUR Adventure – Europe Video:


Born to Trick Athletes – Michal Marček, Jakub Halgoš, Denis Seliak

Born to Trick Photographers – Kristína Spačková, Kamil Bočinec,

Friends: Juraj Makový, Laura Bottková, Ondrej Hostačný

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