Michal Marček

Michal Marček – Born to Trick Athlete

Michal Marček Parkour

Disciplines: Parkour, Freerunning

Born: 1988

Nationality: Slovak Repulic

Living: Trenčín, Slovak Republic  

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Michal Marček ‘s Story

I was born in Komárno. For 10 years I lived in Slovak Republic, then I moved together with my family to Linz (Austria). After 3 years we moved on to Regensburg (Germany). At the moment I ‘m living in Slovakia again.

When I was a little child, I was unknowingly doing the  Méthode Naturelle (basics of parkour). I really didn’t recognize what it was all about. I just climbed, jumped, moved and enjoyed the time with my friends.

At the end of the year 2004 when I was living in Germany I seriously started to train parkour. September 2005 me and my cousin founded the Street Style Flyers Crew (Parkour, Freerunning Team). 2007 was a great year. I won the 1st place at the competition Red Bull – In The Air. I took part on Slovakia got Talent TV show and ended in semi-finals.

Later in 2008 I met new friends which were also practicing parkour and freerunning. We connected together and created a new team Freerun Slovakia. I also practicipated on the Red Bull – Art of Motion 2010 in Vienna. 2011 I took part on TV show Czecho-Slovakia got talent again. I was acting in commercials, shot on different shootings where I got some great experiences and met great people from all over the world.

2013 together with my team we made a great project Documentary about Slovak Nature. That was our first bigger project and I was really enjoying it. The next bigger project was Castle Run. Which also took place in Slovakia but now it was on Slovak Castles. There are 8 episodes of this Adventure. Now I am looking for new Adventures.

Michal Marček ‘s Achievements

1st place – Parkour Speed Run – Parkour Jam Pezinok 2019

Best Trick – Parkour Jam Pezinok 2019

3rd Place – International Parkour Festival 2019 in Parkour Speed Contest

Slovak record holder in wallrun

2nd place – Born to Trick Challenge Team competition

1st place – Diverse International Parkour Festival 2013

1st place – Red Bull – In The Air – 2007 2nd place – Slovak Photo Contest (handstand)  

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