Martin Viedensky

Martin Viedensky

Martin Viedensky

(Martin Viedenský)
Born: 1993
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Lifestyle: Street Workout, Calisthenics
Nationality: Slovak Republic
Location: Trencin – Slovakia


Martin Viedensky ‘s Story:

From childhood, I indulged in different sports such as karate, tennis, football, ice hockey, basketball and boxing. I’ve always found that sport is the best way to vent, clean up my head and have fun. Generally I’ve found that sport is the best activity for me.  Initially, I use to do simple workouts on fitness machines at the gym. In addition I was a cocktail barman. That was also the reason for my poor diet. But I always needed freedom in my activities without any restrictions. That’s the reason why I started with calisthenics and street workout. The final inspiration and motivation to begin this path was a video of well known street workout icons Habibal and Baril. I did not understand, how it was ever possible to get such strength, endurance and physical fitness by lifting only my  body. I started weights with 3 wide pull-ups and continued onto the World Street Workout Championship in Moscow.

At first, I never thought it could be possible for me. I started to practice alone wherever I could. Later I met a few guys in a workout park. The guys had already done some street workout before so at that point, I started to practice with them. After some weeks, even months, I learned the basics and I began to progress faster every day. It depends on every single one of us how we practice. For some, it’s an activity to carry out during one’s own free time, and for others it’s a passion.

Since 2012 when I started with street workout I attended many events and I met many great people from all over the world. I am a member of the team Workout Fanatics, which to me is the best team and group of people I have ever met. Eventually, I became the leader of this team. I love working out and everything it gives me such as new friends, a new mindset, motivation, traveling, work, fitness and of course, health. For now I am studying at the economics university in Slovakia while also being a fitness personal trainer.

Never give up! Move always forward. Help yourself and the others. Train hard but wise. And never stay average…

Those are my rules that I follow. Workout 4 Life, Salute!


Martin Viedensky ‘s Achievements:

1st place – Czech Street Workout Battle Vol 2 (Freestyle)
1st place – Street Workout National Slovak Cup (Freestyle)
1st place – Street Workout National Slovak Cup (Weighted)
1st place – Bar Warz (Freestyle)
1st place – Bar Warz (Weighted)


Martin Viedensky ‘s Video:

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