Jan Minarik

Jan MinarikJan Minarik

(Ján Minárik)
Born: 1996
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Lifestyle: B-boying, Breakdancing
Nationality: Slovak Republic
Locaton: Trenčín – Slovak Republic


Jan Minarik ‘s Story:

People call me Jhony, my b-boy name is MC Jonald. I’m from Slovakia – Trencin. I started to dance when I was 6 and more specifically b-boying or breakdancing. When I was 11 years old I started with hip-hop and other dance styles as well. I got to dance thanks to my brother, who use to dance folklore. Once I started at home with my brother. He was already dancing at that time and put together a dance crew in Trencin. My brother took me to a dance lesson and since then I dance. My main motivation has changed throughout my dance life. Before it was because it was fun, later because I was the middle of the attention, and now, it’s the only way to escape from the reality and relax. In the beginning I was a mascot of the crew. They called our crew to perform, at the time there were 8 of us, from the age of 17 to 20 years old, and I was 6. When we arrived at the spot where we performed everyone did his dance part and then at the end of the performance it was my time to entertain. I did a headspin, two spins and I fell down. Everybody was excited because I was doing something not normal for child. I participated in many stage competitions/battles. Now I am teaching in two dance crews in Banovce (Slovakia). My motivation is that I can pass on something that makes me happy and that kids can like. My biggest dream is to be able to participate in an Eminem’s videoclip. Fear is supposed to push you forward and not to knock you to your knees.


Jan Minarik ‘s Achievements:

Performance – FACE 2014 (performance with the TWINS)
Acting – CASTLE RUN 2014
1st Place – Motion experience Hlohovec 2014
1st Place – Senecka duha 2014
Trainer –  Dance Camp Goonies/Dancando 2014
The only dancer onboard at the Takoj Tour 2013 (Strapo)
Casting – for the first Czecho-Slovak dance movie 2013 – U CAN
Top 16 Slovak B-boays – Breakin International
Theater – Czecho-Slovakia got Talent 2013
Trainer – International Project: Danceship 2013
1st Place – Saltare orbis Malacky 2013
1st Place – Senecka duha 2013
1st Place – My Dance Myjava 2012
2nd S3t stylerz Liptovsky Hradok 2013 (hip-hop battle)
2nd Place – Seneca duha 2012
2nd Place – Assos Nelux Dance Cup 2012
Judge Price – Saltare orbis Malacky 2009
2nd Place – South Superdancer 2006
3rd Place – H&T Cup Bratislava 2012
3rd Place – saltare orbis Malacky 2012
Quarterfinal – Move Up (The pastels) 2013
4th Place – top dancing topolcany 2013
Top 8 – Next step Kosice 2014 (Hip-Hop Battle 1vs1)
Top 28 – Top slovak bboy award Zilina 2013
Top 28 – Top slovak bboy award Zilina 2012
Different performances on hip-hop festivals, events, concerts of slovak rapers.

Jan Minarik ‘s Video:

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