IMACoN Speed Warmup 2018 (Brno)


We visited one of the next In Motion event IMACoN Speed Warmup 2018 hosted in their new bigger Academy located in Brno.

Born to Trick athletes Sebastián Dratva, Michal Marček, Denis Seliak and Kristián Kaduk visited this event and here is report from them.

Special guest of this three days long event were parkour athletes Kie Willis, Lynn Jung, Joseph Henderson, Alex Schauer and Joel Eggimann. They thay had workshops with people, where they shared their parkour experiences. This kind of events are welcome because of gaining more experience. You can meet people which you saw only in videos on your home screens. It is a great opportunity for newcomers to improve their skills and get better.


In Motion Academy in Brno is bigger than the Academy in Prague. We visited Prague’s Academy as well. Read and watch an article about it right here: In Motion Academy Winter Jam 2018. But back to this new gym. You have the opportunity do a lot of parkour flows here, because the gym is long. There is also a trampoline and foam-pit where you can jump from bar or higher place. Foam-pit is deep so you doesn’t need to be afraid of landings.

IMACoN Speed Warmup 2018

Michal says yes to IMACoN Speed Warmup 2018!

In Motion Academy Brno

In Motion Academy Brno, source – https://imacademy.cz

First day

Typical arrival day. After arriving many of the athletes already gathered to practice together. We arrived on Friday evening and started to explore the gym together with other athletes from Czech Republic. We had a good training session till the lights went off. Time to sleep and rest!

Second day

Starting second day after a cup of coffee, tea or breakfast. On this day was qualification for Speed Runs. Denis Seliak participated and qualified successful. To qualify you had to do two Speed Runs with two attempts and average time of this attempts was your final time. Denis made it through the first qualification with other 5 athlethes Tomáš Zonyga, Petr Hubka, Mikeš Kořínek, David Sumara and Ondrej Šando. After qualification round there was space to practice again. People split into two groups. One group which stayed in the gym and the second group went to practice outside on local spots in Brno.

In the evening Speed run finals started. There were three longer runs around the whole gym. Qualifiers did know their lines 2 hours before so they had time to practice it. Then they had only one attempt. All of them did well and showed some fast runs with close results to each other.

Who did win?! Find out in IMACoN Speed Warmup 2018 video report:

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