IMACON 2017 – Prague

Team In Motion from Czech Republic built beautiful training places for parkour and freerunning. We visited some of their events and one of it was IMACON 2017. Born to Trick Athletes Denis Seliak, Jakub Halgoš were invited as moderators and Michal Marček as a judge.


Group picture! Source: Facebook – In Motion Academy

It was a three day long parkour and freerunning meeting with athletes from Czech Republic and abroad. The idea of the event was to gather the community under one roof and enjoy the time together. Teach each other, make new friends, overcome yourself and reach motivation to progress.

Special guests were high skilled Jaydn Clard and Alfie Green from London, England. It was nice to meet them and share some knowledge together.

Check Jaydn Clark and Alfie Green in video:

But back to the event. IMACON 2017 was really fun because there is a lot of free training. In Motion Academy is a big parkour gym with a lot of space for training.

Parkour Speed runs

Was the first discipline which is really epic to watch. Athletes have to do a line from place A to place B as fast as possible. Every athlete had some time to practice the lines before start. Then they had just one attempt which was measured. This discipline had two rounds. In the first round 6 athletes could make it to the finals. In second round there were two lines. The lines were prepared well. Athletes could decide if they choose ground level which was safer or high level which was of course more risky but faster. All athletes showed some pretty nice skills. Winner of this discipline was Tomaš Zonyga.

Check out Tomas ‘s 1st speed runs:

2nd speed run:

Final speed run:


Skill Challenge

Was the second discipline at IMACON. It was something new. Athletes had to qualify to this discipline by doing 12 skill challenges based on parkour. Challenges were different from each other and well prepared. Every line had some creative move inside. There were challenges like kong precisions, stride lines, laches and etc. Every athlete had three attempt for each challenge. If someone made the challenge on first attempt he got the highest score. After qualifying round, 6 athletes made it to the finals. This time they had 3 challenges. All three needed to be finished in 2,5 minutes. They had unlimited attempts. Every challenge had one harder variation where athletes could get more points. It was nice to watch! The winner was Tomáš Zonyga again!

Check out another Tomáš Zonyga ‘s video:


Style contest

Was the last discipline at IMACON 2017. Six athletes had to battle at the first round. In this battle athletes had two runs. Judged by Michal Marček, Jaydn Clark and Alfie Green. Four of them got to the second  final round. Athletes showed some sick tricks and nice smooth flows! It was a pleasure to watch. The winner of this discipline was Petr Hubka.

Check out Petr Hubka ’s video:

Check out more pictures of the event on:



Official video of IMACON 2017

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