Everybody wants to move with Daniel Ilabaca

Daniel Ilabaca Movemnt

Daniel Ilabaca on Súľovské skaly

Summer 2014, the time Daniel Ilabaca came to visit Slovakia on the Parkour meeting in Banska Bystrica. Barbora is the girl who spent the most time with Dany while these days. She´s gonna tell you how impressions and experiences Dany left in her eyes.

Daniel Ilabaca in Slovakia

Barbora with Dany

Barbora speaking about Daniel Ilabaca:

When you say Daniel Ilabaca, the whole parkour and freeruninng community knows who you are talking about. When Daniel moves, the whole world stops. The fluency, the effectiveness and the pureness are incredible. It makes you want to move with him, be part of the flow. Every person feels drawn to him. After not seeing Daniel the whole year, since Fam Jam 2013 in Munich, I was very happy to see him at the Bratislava airport. I could see that he is tired from all the travelling and work, but he was very excited to be in Slovakia. Every meeting has its complications and of course, Parkour meeting 2014 in Banska Bystrica had its difficult times. Fortunately the organization team is full of very smart and capable people, who want to achieve their goal. The meeting went very well.

BB Meeting 14

Parkour Meeting Banská Bystrica 2014

Watching Daniel move is like watching a bird fly in the sky. So natural. Anyone who knows Daniel’ s faith will not be surprised when I say that he appreciated when they announced that they were going to pray outside. He never experienced something like that. He was touched. For me, the most amazing time was the trip to Sulovske skaly. The moment when you reach the top and you do not hear anything and it is just the people there, the nature, your heartbeats and the energy between all of you. I was speechless.

Ilabaca, Marcek, Boda

Martin, Dany and Michal – Sulovske Skaly. Photography by Barbora Golanova

Daniel’ s ability to show you how precious even the smallest detail in your life is, makes you feel so grateful. Daniel is a human being like everybody else. He is not an icon, idol or a superhuman. What makes him so strong is his faith. Every word, every move, every reaction from him is perfectly placed. 

Freerun Slovakia with Daniel Ilabaca

left to right: Michal Marček, Denis Seliak, Marián Mojžiš, Daniel Ilabaca, Dominik Souhrada, Bogdan Cvetkovic, Jakub Halgoš

Every meeting with Danny will influence you, will change you in a way. You are not the same person, ever again.

Video shot by Freerun Slovakia while Dany’s visit:

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  1. Baset says:

    I liked the article. The video is amazing guys. Enjoy it!

  2. Kaori says:

    AWESOME POST. Your reason is kinda like mine too I was never selceted for my school’s soccer team, felt left out among the rest. Only the best could play for the team. Its all about competition. When i found parkour 2 years ago, my perspective towards life changed big time . And yeah, its all about being the best of yourself. I find that, to achieve greatness within yourself , one would have to progress. Training was difficult as a beginner, i did’nt even dare to do a kong vault. But, I have friends until now who did push me to try . And so I did. Furthermore, it was fun doing it with them. Of course with the help of friends, one will feel more motivated, but ultimately it is that individual who chooses to get his parkour done and overcome his fear. Most importantly is the latter, because overcoming fear is part of progression . In conclusion , this is my reason to move : To progress.

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