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Adventures of people traveling all over the world.

Art of Motion 2016 Santorini Born to Trick 1

Born to Trick on Art of Motion 2016

Red Bull Art of Motion 2016, worlds famous parkour and freerunning competition. It are the holidays of all enthusiasts in this discipline. Art of Motion 2016 took place on 1th October, on one of...

castle run 0


It´s been about one year since the shooting of project Castle run. Here´s a short interview with Samuel, Šimon, Kristína and Laura. People who were also a part of this big project, but you...

Daniel Ilabaca Movemnt 2

Everybody wants to move with Daniel Ilabaca

Summer 2014, the time Daniel Ilabaca came to visit Slovakia on the Parkour meeting in Banska Bystrica. Barbora is the girl who spent the most time with Dany while these days. She´s gonna tell...