It´s been about one year since the shooting of project Castle run. Here´s a short interview with Samuel, Šimon, Kristína and Laura. People who were also a part of this big project, but you probably didn´t see them on your screen. They were behind the camera and they´re gonna tell you something about the shooting and how they experienced this journey.

CASTLE RUN Behind the scene stuff:

Juraj Mraz main camera

Juraj Mráz – MELMAN Production: Main camera, cameraman

Samuel Hindy aerial camera

Samuel Hindy – MASAHI FILMS: Aerial camera, remote controller

Šimon Snopek backstage camera

Šimon Snopek: Backstage camera

Kristína Spačková photographer

Kristína Spačková – SPIX Photo: Photographer, backstage photographer

Laura Bottková make up artist

Laura Bottková: Make up artist

Pavol Tomov physiotherapist

Pavol Tomov: Physiotherapist for athletes


1.How did you get to this project? Who asked you?
Kristína: Before this project, I also shot the first big project with the guys, the Parkour & Freerunning documentary about Slovak Nature. So when the guys asked me again to shoot Castle Run, I couldn´t refuse it.

Šimon: I´ve known the guys from Freerun Slovakia for a long time. My good friend Dominik Souhrada asked me to join this project.

Samuel: Juraj Mráz (main camera) asked me if I would like to join this interesting project. Juraj and I do the most of our projects together.

Laura: Jakub asked me to help out with the make-up.


Red epic

2.What was the worst part of the shooting? Why?
Kristína: Shooting in Bratislava. It was after the Cachtice episode which was shot over night. After 3 hours of sleep at night, I felt sick all day.

Šimon: We slept about 3 or 4 hours for 10 days and it was really hard.

castle run sleeping

Shooting the episode over night

3.Was there also something what surprised you?
Kristína: The day at anonymous castle where we got kicked off. 😀 It was a funny experience.

Samuel: The Orava castle episode. We had no time delay and everything went according to plan. 😀

Red Epic

Red Epic

4.Which castle was the most interesting for you? Why?
Laura: Definitely Spis castle. It´s really huge. I recommend everybody to visit it.

Kristína: I really enjoyed Beckov castle. It´s beautiful and the guys from Freerun Slovakia and Workout Fanatics had great Assassins and Spartans outfits which matched the castle.

Spiš Castle

Spiš Castle, one of the biggest castles in central Europe

5.What do you say about the athletes? About their athletic or acting performance?
Laura: They were shooting all day every day. In the rain, wind, sun and night. They were very professional both as athletes and as actors.

Šimon: The guys are better athletes than actors, haha. 😀

Castle run backstage

Backstage acting by Dominik

6. Were there any problems to co-operate with the athletes? Did they refuse to shoot or to jump anything?
Šimon: I don´t think so. We understood each other and they did everything for 200%.

Samuel: In fact they were really cool and also helpful to us during the shoot, moving from place to place with our technical equipment and stuff. But they did grumble when they were exhausted. 😀

Trencin Castle

The first stop at the Trencin Castle

7.Who was grumbling the most? Why?
Šimon: Martin and Tomáš. They were always hungry.

Samuel: Not grumbling but very talkative was Halgi with his jokes. 😀

Kristína: Hmm. Tomáš. He was hungry very often. 😀

Laura: Everybody had a grumbling moment.

castle run make-up

Night shooting – Čachtice

Watch the Behind the Scenes video right here:

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