Breakdance / Breakin / B-Boying

breakdance freezeTo get clear with the different terms used, here are somple explanations:

The name breakdance was created by mainstream media. That’s why many b-boys are not using the term “breakdance”. The original name for breakdance is breakin or Bboying (break-boying). The term bboy is a shortcut for break boy and bgirl is a shortcut for break girl. Bboying came from New York – Bronx in the 70’s at a party which was organized by DJ Kool Herc the Hip-Hop founder, father and legend. He is the first Hip Hop DJ and he is also the one who started to call the dancers bboys and bgirls. Bboying is one of the four Hip-Hop elements. At the time when bboys and bgirls started to move it was different to now. At the beginning there were not that many moves. The first dancers were Afro-Americans and later on they were joined by Latin-Americans. Because of the different cultures and different dance styles new moves and steps were created all over the world.

Basic Hip Hop Elements:

  • DJing (music)
  • Breakin (dance)
  • Graffity Art
  • MCing (rap)

breakdance stepsBreakin is the dance that accompanies hip-hop, funk music, break beats and certain modern music with the right beat. Flavor is the term for how the dancer is performing his moves. It’s the way/style of the movement of a bboy. These are the moves of bboying/breakin: toprock, downrock, freezes and power moves. Today this discipline is on a whole another level. Now there are a lot of new also acrobatic moves called the power moves. Like windmill, babymill, different variations of head spins, flares, air tracks and many other. Breakin appeared in many movies here some of them: Wild Style (1983), Flashdance (1983), Breakin’ (1984), Breakin’ 2 Electric Boogaloo (1984), Beat Street (1984), Mismatched Couples (1985), The Freshest Kids (2002), You got served (2004) Planet B-boy (2007), The Step Up Movies (2006-2014)

More pictures:

breakdance flare one arm handstand

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