Born to Trick on Art of Motion 2016

Red Bull Art of Motion 2016, worlds famous parkour and freerunning competition.

It are the holidays of all enthusiasts in this discipline. Art of Motion 2016 took place on 1th October, on one of the Greek islands, Santorini. Watch some pictures of our Born to Trick Athletes. How they spent the time during these days.

Red Bull Art of Motion Cory DeMeyers

Cory DeMeyers on Red Bull Art of Motion 2016

Way to Santorini

Our trip started on 27th September. We took a train from Trenčín to Bratislava the capital of Slovakia. At 8:00pm we took our plane from Bratislava to Athens. The next flight was from Athens to Santorini at seven o’clock, so some could sleep for a while. If you did not find a hidden bed, the airport security was waking you up. Kalimera!

Airport travelling to Santorini

Waiting for Athens – Santorini flight

After landing on Santorini the owner of Agapi villa was waiting for us. Then he drove us to the villa. As we arrived we immediately ordered some ATVs. So we could explore the whole Island.

ATM Quad riders Santrini

ATV riders on the ways.

Art of Motion 2016 Selection Jam

On that same day as we arrived, Red Bull Art of Motion Selection Jam took place on Vlichada Beach. Here we found a great place to flip into small stones on beach. People and competitors gathered together to take part on the selection jam.

Vlichada Beach Santorini Arts Factory Art of Motion

Vlichada Beach Santorini

Those who registered for the competition, were competing each other for the qualifying roud. The competition took place in the Santorini Arts factory, where the obstacles were already waiting. The judges had a lot of work, because there were 108 participants.

Red Bull Art of Motion Selection Jam

Selection Jam Art of Motion 2016 Santorini

Competitors were selected into groups of 10 people. They all performed at the same time for 10 minutes. Only 20 could pass to the qualifying round on the next day.

Selection Jam 2016 Art of Motion

Selection Jam – Art of Motion 2016

Onsite qualifying – Red Bull Art of Motion

Next day, the onsite qualifying rounds began at the famous Windmills of Oia. Freerunners, traceurs and crowd gathered from all over the world together to support their favourite athletes.

Onsite qualifier Red Bull Art of Motion 2016

Onsite qualifying – Red Bull Art of Motion

Spectators Red Bull Art of Motion 2016 Santorini

Crowd – Art of Motion 2016

Qualifying rounds were in battles. From 20 competitors who made it from the selection jam, judges chose 5 of them for final event on the next day.

Who made it to the final event?:

Bart van der Linden, Nikita Teterev, Nathan Weston, Dominic Di Tommaso, Valtteri Luoma-Aho.

Dominic di Tommaso finalist Red Bill Art of Moton 2016

Dominic di Tommaso – who made it to the final event Art of Motion 2016

Jasom Paul was also onsite, shooting some life vlogs for Red Bull TV.

Jason Paul Santorini 2016 Art of Motion

Jason Paul – Red Bull Art of Motion 2016

Red Bull Art of Motion 2016 Finals

The finals took place on 1st October 2016. The judges were Sergio Cora, Gabriel Nunez, Anan Anwar, Kie Willis, Marcus Gustaffson and Patrick Morawetz.

These are all the athletes together who made it to the finals Jesse Peveril, Corey DeMeyers, Sydney Olson, Dominic Di Tommaso, Nathan Weston, Calen Chan, Pavel Petkuns, Yoann Leroux, Lynn Jung, Pedro Leon Gomez, Pedro Salgado, Bart van der Linden, Dimitris Kirsanidis, Alfred Scott, Pamela Forster,  Valtteri Luoma-Aho, Joey Adrian, Nikit Teterev.

Finalists Red Bull Art of Motion 2016 Santorini

Final freerunners – Red Bull Art of Motion 2016

There were 3 groups of 6 people competing each other. From these groups only two went to the second final and last round. Joey Adrian, Alfred Scott, Calen Chan,  Nathan Weston, Bart van der Linden and Pedro Salgado, competed in the final round.


1st place – Bart van der Linden

2nd place – Alfred Scott

3rd place– Joey Adrian

BEST TRICK goes to Alfred Scott

BEST FEMALE was Lynn Jung

Bart van der Linden winner of Red Bull Art of Motion 2016

Bart van der Linden – winner of Red Bull Art of Motion 2016

Watch the whole final rounds on Red Bull TV.

After the event everyone was going for the famous sunset in Oia. There were freerunners all over the roofs because the roads were full of tourists watching us.

Jumping on the roofs in Santorini

Jumping on roofs after Art of Motion 2016

What we recommend to visit on Santorini:

  • To all the freerunners we recommend you to visit the village EMPORIO. In this village you can jump on white roofs all the way down. Locals are kind and welcome freerunners. Well most of them.
  • Amoudi Beach with a cliffdiving place. A beautiful place with clear water and underwater world.
Amoudi Beach Santorini

In one of the restaurants on Ammoudi Beach

  • Red Beach is a beach with red small stones and rocks. From here you can go to White Beach by boat for 5€.
Red Beach Santorini Island

Red Beach Santorini

  • Kamari Beach is a beautiful beach with black stones, many restaurants and hotel resorts. There you can also find a place to dive into water from rocks.
  • Village OIA – famous for sunset views. Something you have to experience.
Born to Trick backflip sunset in Oia Santorini

Backflip – Oia, Santorini

  • Capital FIRA – while day there are spots nearby for practicing and at the evening it is possible to go to many clubs to have party.
  • ATVs rental – adventure transport all over the island.
  • Kebab with tzatziki sauce and french fries in pita. Delicious! Average price 3€

Kebab on Santorini greece food

On 5th october 2016 our Santorini vacation was at the end. We took our plane to Athens. Where where we rest at night. As we woke up we went to Athens by metro. We explored the cities famous sights like the Dias palace and Acropolis. Then it was time to leave for airport to check the flight back home.

Look at more pictures we took. We hope you could feel some Santorini atmosphere in this report.

Roof jumping on Santorini parkour

Parkour on Santorini roofs

Born to Trick backflip jump with sunset Santorini

Sunset Backflip

Born to Trick shooting video Santorini

Shooting video!

Corkscrew Born to Trick freerunning in Santorini

Corkscrew by Michal

Born to Trick parkour photoshooting on Santorini


Competiton Red Bull Art of Motion 2016

Red Bull Art of Motion 2016 competition

Cory deMeyers Santorini 2016

Cory deMeyers from Tempest Freerunning

Born to Trick on Art of Motion

Born to Trick on Red Bull Art of Motion 2016

Tempest Freerunning on Red Bull Art of Motion

Tempest Freerunning – Red Bull Art of Motion

Nikita Teterev competing in Santorini Art of Motion 2016

Nikita Teterev – competitor on Red Bull Art of Motion 2016

AOM 2016 competition Red Bull

New generation of young people at Red Bull Art of Motion Santorini 2016

Born to Trick on Santorini trailer:

The full video of our Born to Trick Athletes adventure:

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