Born to Trick Challenge 2020

Born to Trick Challenge 2020Michal: This year I would like to tell you how I saw the Born to Trick Challenge 2020 trough my eyes. It’s 24th July 2020 I wake up at 4:44 am. I make my morning routine. After my morning routine I prepare the scoring tables for the competitions. Everyone else from the team is also working on tasks that need to be done till the first people will arrive. Around 5:00 pm first people arrive and register. Kristína and Katka are helping them out at the reception. Some of them join the parkour style onsite-qualification. We give the registered athletes some space to prepare their runs. Jakub is the moderator and announces the beginning of the event. This years judges for the parkour style competition are Krystian Kowalewski, Martin Šimora and me. I had to replace Tomáš Zonyga because he could not arrive at the event. We take our seats. Michal Pudela starts the onsite-qualification. What an amazing run! We all are surprised by his performance.

Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Judges: Krystian Kowalevski, Michal Marček, Martin Šimora; Moderator: Jakub Halgoš
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Michal Pudela
Adam Holub
Adam Holub

Parkour Style Qualifiers:

Matěj Srovnal 87,5
Adam Holub 85
Vladimír Koldaev 84
Michal Pudela79
Tomáš Veľký77,5
Denis Seliak73,5
Jakub Solovic66
Katarína Blašková65
Kateřina Hausková64
Róbert Lukáš51

Both girls make it to the final round tomorrow. But only 4 guys made it to the finals: Michal Pudela, Vladimir Kolaev, Adam Holub and Matěj Srovnal.

After the qualification round there is free space for training. People train till they cannot anymore.

Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Katarína Blašková
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Jan Minárik
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Michal Sopuch
Petr Hubka
Petr Hubka in the air. Krystian Kowalewski shooting him.

Day 2

I wake up at 5:30. Yesterday I was going to bed later.  Again I make my daily routine while everyone is still sleeping. Quietly I take a shower and make some posts on Born to Trick Challenge 2020 event’s page. 8:45 I decide to wake up everyone by playing the music Ramstein – Du Hast. I turn the volume up till everyone is awake. Slowly they get out of their sleeping bags. Many people went to the local shop to buy their breakfast. Those who ordered the meal had their breakfast prepared already. 

Parkour Skill Competition

At 10:00 the qualification round for the Parkour Skill Competition begins. This is a whole new discipline at the Born to Trick Challenge 2020! People and the athletes really enjoyed this contest. In the first round competitors had to make 10 single challenges. First 8 athletes make it to the finals. In the final round they had 4 Challenges. First 3 challenges are put together from 3 smaller challenges/checkpoints. Athletes can make it as a whole run or as single challenges. If they make it as a whole run they get extra points. Everyone has 2 minutes to accomplish the challenges!

Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Skill Contest
Krystian Kowalewski
Krystian Kowalewski joins the skill contest as well.
Mates Srovnal
Matěj Srovnal
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Jakub Halgoš
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Yes he made it! STICK! Branislav Benkovský
Sonic Vova
Vova keeps smiling at the hang challenge for 1 minute
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Tiki Taka Tiki Tak – Last Challenge the athletes have to accomplish in the finals

People who made it to the finals (bold):

Matěj Srovnal27
Tomáš Veľký26
Branislav Benskovský25
Krystian Kowalewski25
Vladimír Koldaev20
Jakub Halgoš19
Ján Minárik17
Petr Hubka17
Lukáš Mucha11
Adam Holub9
Kamil Bočinec8
Adam Bielčik4
Martin Šimora4
Martin Valo3
Adam Provazník3
Marek Dědek0
Kateřina Hausková0
Le Minh Nhat0
Michal Pudela0
Jakub Solovic0
Peter Somík0

Parkour Skill Results

1st – Place – Matěj Srovnal
2nd – Place – Branislav Benkovsky
3rd – Place – Tomáš Veľký
Born to Trick Challenge Skill Contest Winners
Congratz! Branislav Benkovský, Mates Srovnal, Tomáš Veľký

Parkour Freerunning style semi-finals and finals

While and after the skill contest athletes started to prepare their semi-final and final runs for the parkour style competition. In the mean time I had time to put together the results. I also put together the table for the semi finalists in Parkour style. When everyone was prepared we could start! 

Vova Parkour
Dub flyaway by Vova!
Vova Parkour Born to Trick Challenge 2020
This is how he finishes.
Jan Minárik
Jan Minárik
Matěj Srovnal 93
Sebastian Dratva 87,5
Michal Pudela86
Adam Holub85,5
Jan Minárik84,5
Vladimir Koldaev84
Petr Hubka83,5
Marek Dědek82,5

We make a short break with the judges till we get the results for the finals! The athletes made awesome performances! I really enjoyed it! The atmosphere is hiped! Time to continue with the finals! 4 male athletes are ready and 2 females are fighting for the best female title!

Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Michal Pudela
Mates Srovnal Born to Trick Challenge 2020
You know what this will be! Mates Srovnal
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Pistol style by Adam Holub

Parkour style finals results

1st Place – Sebastian Dratva93,5
2nd Place – Matěj Srovnal90
3rd Place – Adam Holub81,5
Michal Pudela80
Best Trick – Matěj Srovnal – Sitting gainer of a bar
Katarína Blašková75
Kateřina Hausková74,5
Born to Trick Challenge 2020

Day 3

The registrations for parkour speed run, workout run and street workout start at 10:00 am. First street workout athletes arrive and register. For the parkour speed run we have 10 competitors, for workout run there are 8 competitors and for street workout 6. We decide that there will be only finals in street workout.

Lets start with parkour speed run! The competitors had to make two runs. The second run was the same course but reversed. I was pleasured by some of the runs! Really nice to watch! We also had 3 compiting girls! We did not expect that. So we decided to count their times separed.

Jakub Halgoš
Jakub Halgoš

Parkour speed run results:

1st place – Branislav Benkovský

2nd place – Tomáš Veľký

3rd place – Šimon Forrai

1st place – Lucia Melcerová

2nd place – Zuzana Žiaková

3rd place – Kristína Spačková

Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Congratulation! Tomáš Veľký, Branislav Benkovský, Šimon Forrai
Parkour Girls
Congratulations grils! Zuzana Žiaková, Lucia Melcerová, Kristína Spačková

Besides the speed run. Street Workout Athletes are already preparing their freestyle sets. I arrive there when Samuel Figur starts his freestyle. As always he did a great performance! Some days later he accidently passed.  Rest in peace my friend. You are a big inspiration for many athletes and the upcoming generation. One day you’re here smiling with your friends and the other day someone of you could pass. That’s why you always should be enjoying every moment in your live. Weather it is good or bad. It is the experience we have and gather. That is life about.

Samuel Figur
Samuel Figur R.I.P.
Damian Rebro
Damian Rebro keeps smiling before his run!
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Sraddle planche!
Dominik Klimek
What a performance! Dominik Klimek
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Moderator Jakub Paleta and the judges Veronika Greinerová, Juraj Rezák and Šimon Forrai
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Nikoleta Hricová

Street Workout Freestyle results:

1st Place – Dominik Klimek28,5
2nd Place – Samuel Figur23,2
3rd Place – Damián Rebro21
Daniel Klimek19,5
Jakub Štefanec18
Best Trick – Jakub Štefanec – Reverse dislocated giant
Best Female – Nikoleta Hricová
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Samuel Figur, Dominik Klimek, Damian Rebro
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Best Female! Nikoletta Hricová

Workout run started right after freestyle. We had 8 competitors. This is what the athletes have to accomplish as fast as they can:

5+5x squat on each leg, 5x muscle-up, 20x pull-up, 40x dip, 20x squat with high jump, 40x push-ups, running to the finish line

3x pistol squats each leg, 10x pull-up, 15x dip, 20x squat with high jump, 20x push-ups, running to the finish line

Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Damian Rebro
Šimon Forrai
Šimon Forrai
Michal Delglovič
Michal Delglovič

Workout run results:

ATHLETETIME (min:sec.hun)
1st place – Michal Delglovič4:14.40
2nd place – Šimon Forrai 5:45.82
3rd place – Damian Rebro8:23.24
Samuel Figur8:57.83
Nikolas Homa18:00.14
BEST FEMALETIME (min:sec.hun)
Lucia Mikušová1:52.83
Nikoleta Hricová1:53.19
Veronika Greinerová2:07.35
Born to Trick Challenge Winners
Congratz! Šimon Forrai, Michal Delgovič, Damian Rebro
Lucia Mikušová
Lucia Mikušová!

Workout run was the last discipline on that day. After that people started to leave. Some of them stayed for longer and trained. I would like to thank to everyone who was a part of this great event! Thank you very much!

Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
Thank you, everyone!
Born to Trick Challenge 2020
See you at the next event!

If you would like to see all pictures check out the album on facebook. 

If you would like to see some runs check out Born to Trick instagram.

Official video:


Thank all the partners that supported the event!

Trečín Hosipital – for sending us the medic onsite.

Kebabizňa – for caring about our hungry bellies.

Wolf Academy – for free enteries to their academy.

In Motion Academy – for free enteries to their Academy.

Lucka Melcerová – for the photographies she took.

DJ Silvester Chorvát – for keeping us with music alive!

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