Born to Trick Challenge 2017 Results

Born to Trick Challenge 2017

Born to Trick Challenge 2017 Results! BIG thanks to all of you! Congratulation to winners and to everyone who had courage to show their skills!


1st place – Michal Morávek
2nd place – Petr Hubka
3rd place – Kristián Kađuk

BEST TRICK – Marek Dědek – jump to double flayaway
BEST FEMALE – Kristína Bírová

Born to Trick Challenge 2017 Results


1st place – Samuel Figur
2nd place – Alex Kostelansky
3rd place – Adam Austera
BEST TRICK – Alex Kostelansky – 360° one arm
BEST FEMALE – Veronika Greinerová

Born to Trick Challenge 2017 Results

Thanks to judges: Stanislav Lazdan, Vladimir Polianskii, Vlado Zlatos, Petr Skokan

Thank to guys from Terapeutické Masáže ASURA for their workshop about stretching and for it´s useful information!

Photography: Martin Kraus Photography

Many thanks to partners:
Hotel Elizabeth Trencin, ATRIO Trenčín, Proteinworld, Kebabizna, Workout Fanatics, MiF s.r.o., PRESCOT

Next Parkour & Freerunning places
4th place – Roman Plch,
5th place – Jarda Hrubaš,
6th place – Marek Dědek,
7th place – Michal Hala,
8th place – Ján Džonald Minárik,
9th place – Martin Woolf Šimora,
10th place – René Pavlík,
BEST FAIL – Denis Seliak

Next Street Workout & Calisthenics places
4th place – Dušan Párovský,
5th place – Marek Podhorský,
6th place – Marián Rolček,
7th place – Damián Rebro,
8th place – MilanGažo / Tobias Paračka,
9th place – Marek Jurčík

We hope you enjoyed Born to Trick Challenge 2017. SEE YOU IN 2018!

Stay tuned for the full report with more pictures and video!

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