Born to Trick Challenge 2016

Second Born to Trick Challenge 2016 is successfully over!

Born to Trick Park in Trencin

Born to Trick Challenge 2016 – photography by dest.sk

Same as the last years event two parkour-freerunning and street workout communities were put together. This year there were 36 competitors in 9 teams. The main idea of the competition was to randomly connect people together into teams. So they join forces, show team spirit, cooperation and create a creative choreography, where they help each other.

Born to trick challenge team competition

Team cooperation – photography by Martin Kraus

Weather was great whole weekend and before competition day everyone could enjoy the JAM and barbecue. That day everyone could try, what kind of options is Born to Trick Park offering. At the evening barbecue started and lasted until the early morning. There were some people training at night only in the light of torches and phones. Over night a adventurer was lost until the next day. Everybody was looking for him and then he appeared without his shoes and pants, maybe to much party?

Team competition born to trick challenge

Another team choreography – photography by Martin Kraus


On sunday last participants registered onsite. Competition started something about twelve o’clock when team members were randomly drawn. Every team had two members from parkour and freerunning and next two were from street workout.

Official oppening in Born to Trick Park

Official opening of Born to Trick Challenge 2016 – photography by dest.sk

While teams were practicing, you could join a workshop, how to stretch your body – under the guidance of an experienced physiotherapist Pavol Tomov.

Born to trick challenge 2016 stretching workshop

Stretching workshop guided by Pavol Tomov – photography by Martin Kraus

While that workshop athletes were also practicing their single runs/freestyles and the crowd could join some small challenges, where they had the chance to win some small presents.

Competition drinking beer Born to Trick Challenge

Beer challenge for crowd – photograpby by dest.sk

This years judges and special guests were: Waldi Müller from Germany, Kirya Kolesnikov from Russia, Vladimír Koldaev from Russia, Stanislav Lazdan from Latvia and Martin Viedenský from Slovakia. Everyone of them judged team choreographies and then single performances. Finally points were counted together for each team.

Results of team choreographies:

1st place  – Team Teletabies – Kristína Bírová / Juraj Žigrai  / Tomáš Čambalík / Šimon Forai
2nd place – Team Asleep – Michal Marček / Dávid Solivajs / Marek Podhorský / Andrej Hrdý
3rd place – Team Oaks – Dominik Ráček / Peter Kocourek / Dušan Párovský / Simona Máteová

Another prices beside team choreos and medals, participants could win some trophies for single runs, freestyles and best tricks.

As a result:

BEST TRICK (parkour & freerunning) – Matej Srovnal – Lache to wall backflip (wallflip)
BEST RUN (parkour & freerunning) – Dědek Mára
BEST TRICK (street workout) – Šimon Forai – Frontflip on paralel bars
BEST FREESTYLE (street workout) – Simona Máteová

Congratulations to winners!

Winner teams born to trick challenge

Winning teams of Born to Trick Challenge 2016 – photography by Martin Kraus

Thanks Red Bull for their awesome Red Bull Car with DJ, who cared about the right sound.

Red bull car dj born to trick

Red Bull car – DJ – photography by Martin Kraus

Everyone who was there, participants, organizers and crowd were building a great atmosphere.

Thanks everyone who took part on Born to Trick Challenge 2016.

Born to trick challenge photography

Born to Trick Challenge 2016 group picture – phogotraphy by dest.sk

Big thanks goes to sponsors and partners of the event like Hotel Elisabeth for special guest accommodation, Kebabizňa for their refreshments, challenges and prices, MIF s.r.o. for the promo materials, Laugart s.r.o. for giving space to participants (tent, tables and benches) and last Trenčín city for supporting this event. Thank you!

Look for more pictures of Born to Trick Challenge 2016 here.

Born to Trick Challenge 2016 Video:

So, see you next time!

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