Born to Trick Challenge 2015

Parkour, freerunning, street workout and team spirit. The main idea of our Born to Trick Challenge 2015 was to connect these communities, make friends and to reach mutual cooperation between them.

Born to Trick Challenge 2015

Together on Born to Trick Challenge 2015 – Photo by Martin Mucha

On 16th August 2015 we organised the 1st competition where the main idea was to unite street disciplines like parkour, freerunning, street workout. We also could see some breakdance tricks. Competition was placed in Born to Trick Park where we were honored by a visit of our special guests from Russia – Erik MukhametshinKirya Kolesnikov and Katie McDonnel from the UK.

Born to Trick Challenge 2015

Team choreography

Erik and Kirya were the judges for parkour and freerunning. For street workout we had judges from Born to Trick athletes Martin Viedenský and Simona Šághyová whose are in the world´s top of this discipline. For a more accurate scoring, we had a 5th judge for both disciplines which was Denis Seliak.

Moderator Born to Trick

Moderator Jakub Halgos – Photo by Martin Mucha

The day before the Challenge we planned a camping and a night jam but the storm had changed our plans. Maybe next year.

One arm handstand

Jan Minarik one arm handstand

The Challenge started about 1 pm. Judges chose random teams of four people. Three guys from street workout discipline and one guy from parkour-freerunning. Except of one team, which was assembled from three guys from parkour, freerunning, and one guy from street workout. The teams were asked to create together a name for the team and 2 minutes long choreography which was scored for each team. Then, every member of the team was required to do its own single run. Scores for the single run were also counting to the overall score of the team. It was the idea of the team spirit. We must say that every team had a very creative choreography. Cooperation and collaboration between these two different disciplines were very interesting.

Challenge 2015

Team choreography – Photo by Martin Mucha

During the competition we could see some exhibitions of our guests and judges. We could see precisely synchronized double fly aways from Russian guys Erik and Kirya. It was incredible to see them doing such moves.

Russian freerunners

Erik, Sebastián and Kirya – Photo by Martin Mucha

Born to Trick Challenge 2015 Results

1st place was for Team Argesive Potatoes – Michal Pajunk (SK), Adam Jarník (SK), Simona Máteová (SK), Petr Hubka (CZ)

2nd place for Team Ducks – Erik Juríček (SK), Matej Kosář (CZ), Oliver Kocinger (SK), Vladimír Koldaev (RUS)

3rd place for Team Urban Animals – Ján Pekarík (SK), Juraj Rezák (SK), Tomáš Čambalík (SK), Michal Barbier (SK). 

Judges also awarded special price for BEST RUN to Vladimir Koldaev (RU), BEST TRICK to David Kašpárek (CZ) in parkour-freerunning discipline and BEST FREESTYLE to Ján Minárik (SK), BEST TRICK to Juraj Žigrai (SK) in street workout discipline.

Winners of Born To Trick Challenge 2015

Winners – Team Agresive potatoes

The atmosphere at Born to Trick Challenge 2015 was very friendly. Thanks to moderators Jakub Hlagoš and Ján Cíbik and their funny comments during this day. No more words are needed. Enjoy the VIDEO from the 1st Born to Trick Challenge and SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!

More photos HERE.


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